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The Last 4 Years

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It has been a while since I posted anything on this blog because my life has gone through a lot of changes in the last 4 years. First of all, my husband and I moved to West Lafayette, IN from San Diego, CA so he could pursue his career as a computer science professor at Purdue. Because of the move, my career changed directions. I wanted to find an instructional design position; however, those are hard to come by in such a small town. So, I changed directions and instead pursued some consulting opportunities with both Scantron Corporation and the Educational Technology Department at SDSU, specifically working with Fred Saba. I conducted a variety of different tasks for both places — creating graphics, writing standardized test items, editing standardized test items, aligning content to state curriculum, designing and developing educational technology courses, assisting with the delivery of online educational technology courses, and teaching an educational technology course. Through these endeavors I learned a lot about working independently and meeting expectations without having face-to-face communication with my employers. Each job was different and required a different skill set, which I enjoyed because it kept my job interesting. It was a different kind of work than I had done previously, and I really loved the new experience.

Then, in February of 2010, my husband and I got the most amazing news anyone could ask for…we were adopting a baby boy. At that point, as all parents know, my life changed forever. The consulting work took a back seat for a few months and I focused solely on being a Mom, which I found was the most amazing and demanding profession. I learned patience like I had never had before and learned to love something more than anything in the world. However, after a few months, I decided I needed something I could do for myself. So, I went back to the world of consulting on a much more part-time basis. Because I had a good relationship with all of my employers, they were very flexible in my hours and schedule.

I continued on this path until 2011, when we got some more amazing news. I was pregnant with our second child and due in February of 2012. In addition, during this year, my husband decided to change career paths and began a search for a job in the computer science industry.

I continued my consulting work until I had my second child in February of 2012. I spent the next few months adjusting to life with two children and getting our house ready to sell. I did continue taking on one consulting project at a time throughout the year. That fall, my husband decided to take a job at Google in Mountain View, CA. We set off, back across the country in January of 2013 with two small children and many bags. We are now finally settling into our new home and I am beginning to delve back into my consulting work and the world of instructional design. I am getting involved in the local ASTD chapter and hope to make some more contacts through this organization. I would love to have some more instructional design work, even if it is in small pieces. My goal this year is to develop contacts and relationships in the field and learn more about the latest best practices and technologies that are serving our training and development world. We will see where this year leads and I will keep this blog more updated than I have in recent years. Thank you for taking the time to read about my pursuits.