I just found an article on Slashdot called Mutant Algae to Fuel Cars of Tomorrow? Basically, it talks about how there is a certain amount of hydrogen produced during an algae’s photosynthesis and scientists are creating mutant algae’s to produce even more hydrogen. According to the article, if “if 50% of the algae’s photosynthesis could be directed toward hydrogen production, an acre could produce 40 kilograms of hydrogen per day. At the price of $2.80 a kilogram, hydrogen could compete with gasoline.” If we could actually use this type of energy source, we could really change the future in a lot of ways. We could have a reliable energy source that wouldn’t rely on other countries. This could be produced right here in this country. When we talk about major problems facing our world, a sustainable energy source is one of the most important and one of the most devastating.

Further down in the comments for this article, there are other energy sources listed, sugar & corn being two of those. So, if there are these other sources that already exist, why aren’t they being used more frequently? This is also true with wind and solar power. From what I’ve heard/read, it’s all about cost and politics. We have to get past these problems before we’re going to be able to move past the use of gas and electricity.

In addition to the problem of sustainable energy, there are problems in the environment. This algae energy source could also be a much needed change in that respect. It could reduce the carbon produced and hopefully, in the long run, reduce the greenhouse effect. All of this relates back to using new technology and scientific theories, we can change the future from the doom and gloom of the depletion of oil and the devastation of the greenhouse effect.